Skye: First LessonMature

It's OK you can do this.  It's a music lesson, music is what you are good at.  I sat alone in my seat waiting for the lesson to start.  I knew no-one and almost all the other students had paired off already.

The girl on one side of me was talking animatedly to the guy next to her.  I was contemplating joining the conversation when a guy sat in the empty seat next to me.  Here was my chance to be friendly.

'I'm Skye.  What's your name?'

'Gregory Gustav.'

'Nice to meet you Gregory.'  I smiled my warmest smile possible.  'So are you new here too?'


'How are you finding it?'

'To be honest, I'm a bit nervous.'  He leaned in secretively.  'I've never been to a school like this before.'

'Don't worry neither have I.  I didn't even think this was real until now.'

'So I take it you're in music first three lessons.'  I checked my timetable.

'I am.  Then drama just before lunch, a singing lesson just after and ballet at the end of the day.'

'Wow.  You're busy.'

'Tell me about it!'  I laughed and I think he did too.

The End

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