C'mon girl, you can do this! For God sake, woman, you're an actress! Get into motion! NOW! I yell at myself in my head. I see my friends, Fliss, Bliss and Gliss - they tried to nickname me meliss, I told them to 'shove it' so they did.

I walk up to them, Fliss has the popstar voice, but is the classic supermodel type: tall, stick thin, perfect features, flawless skin, amazing tanny glow, arrogant attiutude, can make anything work. Bliss is the opera starlett, sure she's podgy, but in a really good way, she has all the right lumps and bumps - so much so, the lads can't get enough of her. Gliss is the (main) dancer of the pack, she looks like she belongs in a Beyonce video or on stage with her, amazing hair, rather tall, evenly toned and she's pretty nice. I am the actress - I'm great on stage, not so much in person, hense the fake persona I put on - I have a peachy haired bob, which makes the girls call me a pixie - yeah - my eyes are light hazel, kind of... almondy, I'm basically average height and weight. We can all 'bust it' as in dancing - hello, I did do tap, ballet and ballroom - I just prefer the whole acting scene.

"Hey girls," they turn to me, eyes glowing with excietment - mix with pure evil - they all grin in unison. "What have I missed?" I raise a brow.

Fliss laughs cruely, "You'll never guess! We have fresh meat! At long last!" Oh gosh.


"Yeah, we're gunna see how they react first, then pounce," like a true dog.

Where the hell are these thoughts coming from? Agh! Talk about being a bloody angst teen.

"You alright, Mel?" Gliss asks, her eyes sympathetic as Fliss and Bliss swagger off.

"Yeah, I suppose. You?"

"Meh, that girl can be a right b*tch sometimes." I laugh as we walk down the corridor to dance class - a subject that I am forced to take, although it is rather fun!

The End

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