First Day School Meeting:

Okay Emma. You can do this. You can. Oh god, no I can't... Yes. Yes you can.

I argued with myself as I looked out at all the people mingling with each other in the great hall. I leaned against the massive doorframe of the academy.  

You can sing in front of people for gods sake! Just go up and talk to someone. Introduce yourself. Make yourself known. It'll be fine.

I walked slowly across the room looking at all the people.
Slowly as I am such a cluts, always tripping over stuff. Including my own feet. I often found it strange that when I  perform songs, something just snaps inside me, I'm a totally different person. Never afraid to reach the notes that I knew that I was good at, I love to perform, especially accompanied by a piano. Those are the only talents I have. The piano and my voice.

I'm just not so good at meeting people.

The End

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