'AHHHHHHHH!'  The scream reverberated all through the house and I could hear Mum's footsteps flying up the stairs to my room.

'What's wrong dear?  Is everything OK?'  She took in my bedroom, duvet thrown on the floor, pillows scattered about the room and me dancing around in my pajama's, my blue eyes shining.

'Everything is amazing!'  I grabbed Mum's hands and swung her round and round.

'Why are you so cheerful?'  She panted after I'd stopped spinning.

'I got in!'

'Got in where?'

'Don't you remember?  Spotlight performing arts school!  They just called to say my application has been accepted and I start tomorrow.'   I started dancing down the hall towards the kitchen.

'That's amazing Skye.'  Mum kept pace with me as I twirled around the kitchen, blonde hair flying forming a halo around my head.  'What are you studying?'

'Everything.  Music, drama, even dance.'

'But you've not done dance in years.'

'I know but they want me to be an allrounder and because I have done some modern dance and ballet before they want me to take the class.'

Oh God!'

'What's wrong?  I thought you were happy for me.'  I stopped spinning for a moment to stand next to my mother.

'I am sweetie, but does this mean you're going to be travelling with your guitar everywhere?'

'Probably.'  As my mum groaned about having to lug my guitar around all day, I resumed my dancing and went back to my room.  I had so many people to tell.

The End

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