Tallulah: justified means wrong reaction.

'I...I' I started to stammer. I just couldn't tell her. She'd think I was a monster. She'd think I was evil. She'd want me out of here, everyone would have me marked down as a threat. Which I suppose I might be...

'It's ok, you don't have to explain anything to me if you don't want to...' Daisy smiled again. She could be trusted. I was going to tell her. Right now. And she wouldn't shun me. I hoped.

'I..I was a waitress then. The other night, when you found me...' I looked at my hands and started clasping them together for comfort. 'He had had too much to drink, he followed me. He was a bad man...he, he ripped my shirt off and I thought he was going to kill me.'

Daisy nodded and I carried on, my voice a little shaky.

'I tried to push him off, and then again. And the second time...I had strength. I had a newfound power. There was a part of me that wanted justice. This man was a bad man and he needed punishment. So I. I attacked him. I lashed out and suddenly my fingers were like claws, like some metamorphosis. Like I was an animal. I ran after that, after I'd seen what I'd done. It was a bad reaction to a bad person. I don't know if he's alive...' I shuddered. Daisy was frowning, but she didn't look terrified.

'Tallulah, I agree with you,' she said. I looked up again. 'The man from the other night...he was a bad man and it's only natural that you retaliated. And the fact that you stopped before completely killing him, that's good.'

'I wouldn't say it was good.' My bottom wip wobbled slightly. 'But...I can stop it?'

She looked at me for a moment in silence. 'I think you need to talk to Dart. He has a strong demon part of him, he could maybe help.' She looked around. 'Where is Dart?'

The End

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