Tallulah: familiar face unknown world.

As soon as I was done in the bathroom I wandered around the house. I got lost easily-this was too intricate for my orientation skills. In the city everything is set out, the lines are harsh but definite. There are no options: you go forward. That's how I learnt to live on my own from an earlier age. But this house...it was alluring, it tempted you into its chambers. I wandered past bedrooms that I think had others in. How many others? I needed answers.

Wandering downstairs, I found Daisy, the teen who had given me so much aid already. I had more to say than a few words now: my mind was pushing that night to the corners of my cranium and I wanted more knowledge to cover it all the more. 'Daisy, could I ask you something?'

'Sure.' She smiled and for some reason that night cam back to the front of my memory. Probably because I had been greeted with that smile only an hour afterwards. The smile was familiar, but mnow was immediately associated with the unknown world I had unleashed on myself.

'What is this place? Who are we? I think...I think I have sinned. There's an evil part of me and I need help. What can we do?' Now I was pleading. Daisy saw this and tried to reassure me.


The End

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