Dart: Blindfolded

I wake up blindfolded I tried to move around but I was bound by magic. 

" Hey what's the meaning of this?" I ask

" Shut it vamdemon." a voice replies

" No I won't you do realise I can crush  you magic with my own magic which is far greater than your's." I said

" Well it is not that simple. Dart." the voice replied 

" What you mean?" I ask

" You use your magic to crush the mine you'll destroy the ground you lay on will be impaled on spikes." The voice explained

" Spikes won't kill me or probably not even pierce me." I said blowing his spell off.

The ground how ever did not collapse.

"You lied." I said jumping out of a pit. Landing in front of a cloaked figure.

" I want answeres now!" I commanded

The End

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