Cassie: Oh my God don't do that!

I had nearly stopped crying when a dwarf jumped onto the sofa behind me and positively yelled,

'Another new arrival? Jees, Arrow must feel he's lodging half the magical world here! Where'd you come from then?'

'I'm Cassie and I'm from London.'  I must have looked like such an idiot with mascara lines down my face.  'I'm sorry for being a pain it's just I teleported here and I don't know where I am or how to get back.'  I sniffed and stood up.  'Sorry could you show me where the bathroom is, I need to clean myself up.'

'Sure follow me.'  The girl, Daisy as she was called took me to a small dwonstairs bathroom.  I locked the door and looked at my face in the mirror.  I looked bloody awful, my hair looked like a birds nest and my make-up was all over my face but at least I could sort that out with magic.  It took a matter of seconds and I was looking perfect again.

I sat on the loo and thought.  I didn't want to go back out there just yet.  I wanted Max to be here, he's know what to do.  I missed him.

The End

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