Seeker: More People?

I came back down the stairs some time after Dart left. I was thinking to myself, wondering exactly what he'd want with a database at a time like this. What was he looking for when he already knew the blade's location? Something sinister was going on here, I was sure of it.

However, all these thoughts of conspiracy were pushed right out of my mind when I saw what was going on downstairs. Another person seemed to have arrived, another girl. Another girl in floods of tears as well.

Oh joy.

Daisy was sitting with her, just as she had done with the other. I sidled up behind the couch, perching on the back before leaning in, the sound of my voice making the girl jump:

"Another new arrival? Jees, Arrow must feel he's lodging half the magical world here! Where'd you come from then?"

And please tell me you're not another majorly powerful mystery-creature. I think we have enough of those in here to sink a ship.

The End

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