Dart: Admininstrative building

The libary did not contain any further information about what happened to Rush , and Brad. I doubted That I'll find anything In the administrative building but who knows there had to be some information out there about them. The administrative building had been nearly completly taken apart and nowhere near respected as the libary was. everthing may have already been taken and this rescue was going to end rather fast.

I searched until I found a metal blast door that was still locked. No problem.  I gathered some energy and blasted the door to oblivion. Inside was a bunch of documents that where labeled top secret keep from public. 

Jack- pot.  It took me a while till I found something regarding about them. the document read

Please make sure any information regarding the two mysterious apearance figure secret. The Two claim to come from the future which is in total ruins. They also seem to read wierd para normal waves of energy raidating from both of them. We will be doing testing on the two speciemens.

I couldn't gain anymore information on Brad and Rush. I still didn't have enough information to go in and interfere.

I began to make my way back to the house with my unsuccesfulness.  As I stepped into an empty street I was knocked over , and was blungeoned unconiouse before I could react. Good thing my blade only reacts to Hybrids that where created.


The End

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