Arrow: House turned hotel

"Seems like people are jumping up from no where" I mumble as I lead the girl inside. "Make yourself at home"

I walk off and find Daisy sitting outside the bathroom. "You okay?"

She jumps and shakes her head before looking at me smiling.

"Fine thanks" she says. I sit down next to her.

"I feel like this place has gone house turned hotel" I say watching her carefully. "Maybe I should get that new witch that showed up to add an extra rooms on to the place.... or do it myself she doesn't seem well trained"

"Hmm, a least there would be another bedroom" she says smiling. I smile back and can't help but reach out and put my hand on her cheek rubbing it softly with my thumb.

"It would be a lot better if it was just us" I say teasing. She blushes and looks away. I laugh as I get to my feet. I pull her up after into my arms and kiss her.

I hear Seeker sniker somewhere but can't be bothered to look. I pull back smile and walk off.

"I'm popping out for lunch" I call back.

"Don't you mean a fine womens neck" Seeker shouts and as I pass the living room I see the witch in there flinch. I poke my head in.

"Don't worry sweet heart I don't feed from guests" I smile then leave heading for the town.

The End

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