Cassie: OK where the hell am I?

I was in a wood, slightly creepy.  I thought the only way I was going to find my way out was to start walking.  I'd tried to teleport back but couldn't.  Max had been right, I shouldn't teleport without someone else with me.  Stupid.

I went through a particularly thick patch of trees and screamed as I saw the body lying on the ground.  I ran.  Luckily I ran in the right direction and the wood cleared and there was a house.  I flew up to the front door and knocked.  These people could at least tell me where I was and I could call Max, he could pick me up.

The door opened.

'Hi sorry for indruding but I'm kind of lost, could you help me?  Where am I?'

'I couldn't really say.'  It was a guy, he looked about my age and didn't seem too threatening.

'Could I use your phone?  I need someone to find me.'

'Sure come in.'

The End

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