Dart: Libary

" why?" Seeker asks.

" My companions they've been flung through time I'm hoping they ended up in the past. Knowing one them is a werewolf they' probably did something recognizable. And just maybe I'll be able to get them back to this timeline." I explained

" Yeah but you forget the goverments where on all things unatural then so it may be covered up." Seeker replied

" Perhaps luckly though from what I saw of human history they've always left clues for those who look." I said grabbing my blade slinging it onto my back.

" Oh and thanks for your help.I'll probably be back later" I said closing the door.

It didn't take long to find the libary it look likes most of the books we're respected and not burnt. I'll call that one a miracle. I made my way to the back looking for records. It was all organized by year some years where missing I started from the 1400 hundred guessing on how much power the sword had that was longest it could shoot someone back in time.  I knew for a fact that in the next 300 hundred years from the 1400's they weren't around because Rush would have caused quite a comotion and during that time I would have heard about it and my memory never fails me.  Nothing that happened until 2014  that was quite interesting the Australian goverment recorded two people that literally popped outta nowhere.

" I remember hearing about that." I Mumbeled to myself. They got captured on a boat to North america.

" I look for more information but after that it seemed I was going to have to do further research. 

This was not a good , and problem is I can't go change time directly I needed to know what happened before I made my decision Wether I barge in and interfere.


The End

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