Rush: Getting back

Deciding that just standing there doing nothing wouldn't help, we gathered a few people in town and had a bit of a meeting. Maybe if we explained what was going on they would help. However, turns out I was wrong when I said there were vampires and werewolves here, because when I brought that up, a few people cried.

"Way to go genius." Brad looked at me. " Now what?" I pondered for a moment, then just came out with it.

"You, boy, what year is it?" He stood up.

"2014 mate." So we were in the past, figures.This was actually quite fortunate because I think there's still transportation around now. I went to Brad.

" All right, you wanna get back to North America, or get back to 2020?"

"Doesn't look like we have much a choice, plus by going back to North America we might be able to find the sword when it was still in one piece." That was a good idea. Come to think of it, if I get back there then Jet would still be alive, then I could warn him about his death, perfect!

"All right man, looks like we're gonna need a boat."

The End

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