I sit down on the worn patterned sofa, Tallulah follows. I glance around, Seeker came through with a random blanket and threw it at Tallulah, I catch it before it collides with her face. I shoot him a look as he runs away again. I turn to see Tallulah smirking and then I see it.


Ooooooooh, you helped a little murdering baddie...

You don't know that, there could have been a perfectly logical, exceptable reason why there's blood in her hair. I answer back.

Yeah, riiight.

"Um," I start, "Do you need to clean up?" She looks up, eyes glowing slightly. "I mean, uh, I think there's a bath somewhere in this house." I attempt to grin.

"O-okay...." She trails off.

"Come on then," I smile taking her hand and dragging her upstairs. "Stay here, please." I tell her, leaving her at the top of the stairs. I jog through the house, opening doors glancing inside, apologising to those who I interuped in their sleep.

I finally found the bathroom, I put the plug in the bathtub, and fill it with hot water. The water falls, clattering around the metal tub. I run out of the bathroom, grab Tallulah and pull her into the bathroom. When the bath is full and I've got some towels and spare clothes, I turn to her and tell her to ask if there's anything else she need. She replies with, 'No' and I tell her to yell and bang the wall if she needs any help.

The End

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