Tallulah: faded red, blood brown.

I sat on the sofa in the house where the young girl, who had told me she was called Daisy, had sat me down. I felt incapable of moving for myself, she'd practically carried me to this place. I looked around...it didn't seem very out of the ordinary, just...a house in the middle of nowhere. I was a bit scared. A teenage girl (well she only looked a few years younger than me) living in some house with that other boy, who only looked a year or two younger than myself again, in the middle of nowhere. And I could have sworn there was another one as well...I couldn't work out his age. He looked young and old and every age all at the same time. What were they all doing here?

I hoped I could contain myself. I didn't want to black out or do anything like earlier. I shuddered as I pictured him again...and for the first time since I had caught my breath and entered the house, I noticed the tips of my hair. Just the one clump of hair-the ends a little split, but fused together by dried brown blood, a little sticky when I pulled it apart. Immediately I felt my bloodlust back, and I placed my fingertips on my lip. Wow. It felt...again I didn't want to admit how it felt. I instead hugged the faded red cardigan that Daisy had made me put on. It gave me slight comfort, as I imagined my old life...

I supposed that wasn't going to be possible for me any more.

The End

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