Seeker: Library?

"You don't happen to know where an old database or intact libary with some records of stuff? Do you?"

Extracting my head from the cupboard, narrowly avoiding knocking over a pile of linen in the process, I turned to face Dart. I cocked my head to one side, feeling somewhat bemused. What did this guy want with a database? Or a library for that matter? Never would have thought of Dart as much of a bookworm.

Interesting thought though...

"Databases?" I said, confused, "None as far as I know. There's a couple of old libraries around here, although I don't know what sort of records they've got. There's one place you might find useful, somewhere near the centre of town, just of the main street. Place's been deserted for years but some of the old stuff's still there as far as I know. Why?"

The End

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