Dart: Interesting

The new arrival had quite an impresive amount of power. Theres not lots of form who are none demon that wield that sorta power. We had about 3 powerful being now in the same area. Was it just coincedence? Or is something subconciously drawing us here? The was going to turn out interesting.  I then returned from my questioning and focused and re locating my companions. I couldn't find them anywhere on earth not even a faint sign of their existance of their decaying bodies. So this left me one conclusion there in another time and place and I have no way of knowing when and where.

" Dammit!" I said punching my fist directly through a tree. 

How am I to help If I don't have a clue. Wait the two would look out of place if they went back in time and make some sort of news or report. So all I need was an old database. Lets just hope their in the past no future. 

I walked back into the house.

"Where is everybody?" I say quietly.

I looked around to evenutaly find Seeker with his head in a cupboard.

" You don't happen to know where an old database or intact libary with some records of stuff? Do you?" I asked like anyone would know it was probably not going to help.

The End

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