Seeker: New Arrival?

I was snoozing in my rat form underneath the couch when Daisy brought in the new arrival. At first I thought it was her sobbing and stuck my head out to see what was going on. Then the smell of the new girl hit me. As distraught and helpless as she seemed, I could sense a raw power in her. An angry power, one that no-doubt harboured more secrets.

Great, I thought, another addition to this walking circus act.

I re-appeared in my human form in front of the two, head cocked to one side and one eyebrow raised as I inspected the girl. She was very scantily clad, with her clothes torn and ragged beneath Daisy's coat.

"What happened to you?" I asked, surprised.

The girl didn't reply and Daisy shot me a look that made me shudder.

"I found her in the forest if you must know. Now unless you're going to do something useful clear off and get a blanket or something. Shift it you little cretin!"

"Okay okay," I said, rapidly backing out of the room, "Take a chill pill lady."

Someone's got issues. Or maybe it's PMS.

After hunting around the house for a few moments, nearly getting brained by a vacuum cleaner when I opened on cupboard in my quest for some form of covering for our semi-naked guest.

Let's just hope she doesn't eat people. Otherwise I might wind up as an entree....

The End

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