Daisy: It's Ok

Arrow sent the wraiths - or whatever they're called- off, and went to bed. Everyone else seemed to be slightly clueless.

"So Daisy, what do you think? Do you think that he is the purestvampire?" Seeker asks, bouncing up to me.

"I don't know, I don't know much about myself, let alone anyone or anything else."

"But what abou-"

"I'm going for a walk, see y'all later." I say, walking off into the woods.

"Wait, you can't go in there on your own!" someone calls from behind.

I whirl around in a circle, "Watch me." I walk deep into the woods, humming tunlessly.

I hear leaves crack in the distance, I whirl around towards it. Everything within me tells me to leave, to run back to Arrow's house. But, I don't. I never listen to anything, I creep over dead leaves.

I see something in distance, and I run to it; which my body dislikes. It's a girl, hugging her knees crying. She had no top on, her aura told me that she was hurt and confused and that she wants... no, she needs help.

I walk up to her, "What's wrong?" I ask softly, taking my cardi off and wrapping it around her.

"I-I..." She trails off.

"I'm Daisy,"I say as she pulls on my cardi. "What's your name?"

"Tallulah," I says quietly.

"Ok then Tallulah, come with me, you'll be safe then. Ok?"

"Ok," she says nodding slightly, as I pick her up and wrap my arm around her sholder. I walk her back like that, as she shakes. Fear, anger and resentment leaks off her.

"It's ok, you can cry." I say, and she breaks down as we walk into Arrow's house.

The End

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