Tallulah: catching breath.

I hid in the woods, reliving the moment again and again. I couldn't stop shaking, but I didn't know whether that was due to disgust at my actions, or fear that I'd do it again, or that insatiable bloodlust that was surging through my body like an electric current, igniting my senses and destroying my mind.

It was all so violent. And yet...

I needed somewhere to stay. Somewhere to hide until....until I found someone who could help me? Until I could control myself? Until another innocent victim came along and I took their life? But thinking about it....he wasn't innocent at all. Hell-the man had tried to rape me, I had only retaliated. And it felt...Well. There was a part of me that didn't want to finish that sentence. Because a part of me wanted to say that it felt good.

I huddled myself in a ball because it was cold and I was scantily-clad (a result of my top having been ripped off). I rocked back and forth as this was the only energy I could muster, and I thought to myself over and over.

Help me. Help me. Help me. Help me. Oh God, somebody. Help me.

The End

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