Arrow: I hate fights

"Not really" I say as the wraith run round me in circles. "I hate fights"

Everyones stares at me shocked. There I am just standing as wraiths obey my will with out a secound thought.

I shrug.

"Why couldn't you have done that to the massive one?" Dart shouts.

"You seemed to be having fun" I say simply. Seeker chuckles slightly.

"You are one weird Vampire" he says shaking his head. I flick a hand lazily to the left and the wraiths run out. I stretch and lean back against a wall.

"I don't know why I'm so powerful, most vampires can only control about two humans at a time.... while I can control whole armys" I shake my head smiling remembering World war one.

"Are you sure your just Vampire?" Iris asks eyeing me slightly angry.

"I'm the purest you can get" I say smiling.

"Maybe thats it then, your the purest vampire so your the strongest" Dart says and I can still hear the anger in his voice from when he found out I could have sent those wraiths running round the world till they died.

"I'm going to bed" I say hands up behind my head and heading for my room.

The End

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