Dart: Wraiths

Seeker ran like a maniac through the house shouting " Daisy, Arrow!?"

I didn't need to ask. Wraiths and the couldn't have chose a worse time.   The shadow'y smoke like mass was getting bigger.

" Ediots the blades not here!" I shout uselessly. Wraiths don't understand language.

" Stupid ....." I continued cursing , " Alright bring it!"  I said begining to show off my energy.

Hmm should I be more tatical use spells or should I just use pure blast of magic. I think to Demons traditional tatics it was either high intensity burst flames, Ice, lava, water , wind , nothing fancy like a binding spell or summoning. Well the high intencity burst seemed good. By the time I finally chose my attack the other we're ready to fight or run. I wasn't sure, and I didn't care.  I went for a ice attack first. The mass of wraiths quickly became smoke to avoid it.

" Damm." Okay just pure magic not really a show of skills but it should get the job done. 

I let the aura surround my body I still was weak but there wasn't a choice.  I Jumped the balcony and avoided a giant crushing fist from the massive conglomerate of Wraiths.  I controlled whatever energy I had on blasted things theoritcal head.  It look like I did damage. But It i needed more of course.  Just as much as I put into putting the final shard on the blade.  Could I do it without harming people I had no choice.  This time though I had limited time to gather energy. I dodged more angry punchs and shots of magic.  the mass of wraith started to become deplete as some of them attempted to attack me single handedly. 

Crap I wasn't near enough to the magic needed. I had to call the blade back from hong kong. How easy think about it was semi attached to my magic entity.  I concentrated on its entity then grasped it. There it was appearing in my hand it was different looking then it originally looked. It was fatter and longer it suited me. In one swing and a wave of energy knocks back the thing I slice up causing space and time rip in it. It looked like the sword ripped the fabric of space and time by focusing magic. The wraith mass began to collapse on itself.  The other we're fighting wraith that had left the conglomerate. 

" Fun?"

The End

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