Cassie: right then focus

I sat cross legged on the bathroom floor and closed my eyes.  Right then.  This isn't hard.  You can do it.  I took a deep breath and started to say the spell.  Nothing.  It was disappointing.  Having been told I was a powerful witch and then only being able to do the simplest magic was a but of an anti-climax.  But Max said that I just had to keep practising.

'You'll get it one day.  You're still young.'  I hated that phrase.  You're still young.  I'm seventeen.  That's nearly an adult.

I took another deep breath and tried again.  This time something clicked and I could feel the world swimming around me.  When everything went still again I opened my eyes.  I had teleported, I just didn't know where to.  Help?

The End

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