Daisy: Arrow

The worst thing about being me? The fact I blush at everything! How unfair is that? It doesn't help that Arrow was talking about earlier.... I feel heat pump into my cheeks, and it makes me look away. "It's okay..." I want to say so much more, but can't find it in me.

I glance up to Arrow, just as he steps forward gripping my sholders, pulling me too him, kissing me. Next thing I know, I'm kissing him back.

Ooooh, Daisy. You naughty girl!

I don't reply, I just ignore it hammering away in my mind. I just kiss him harder.

A knock at the door, stops us. I turn to it, my breathing and heart rate through the roof. The handle turns, I reach over and unlock it. I break away slightly more to see who it is.

The End

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