Arrow: Daisy

"Daisy" I calls as she comes out the room Darts in, my room might I add. She had been in there twice now and she came back out now without the water.

"Yes" she turns to me and I can't help but feel nervous.

"Can we talk?" I ask she nods and I take her to a seperate room which I've made sure Seeker can't see into. "About that kiss earlier..." I flick on the lights and turn to face her and gasp.

She so close and I can see she's shocked to. I step back and lean against the door, fighting the urge to kiss her right there.

"It's okay....." her voice trails off and I watch her blush brightly. Its then I can't resist it. I step forward pull her forward by her shoulders and kiss passionatly down on her lips.

The End

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