Rush: Where are we?

We were out walking for a while, then I decided to initiate a conversation.

"So Dart completed the sword."


"And then it disappeared, and so did we."


"Huh.... this isn't exactly what I like to wake up to!"

"Tell me about it man. Where do you think we are anyway?" He had a good question. This place didn't give any clue to where it might be. So we forgot about Dart for a few seconds and decided to look for civilization. Which was luckily much much easier.

After we got over a hill, we found a small village. While it didn't seem very big, there were actually a LOT of people (Werewolves, vampires, the whole lot.) Brad was relieved.

"Good! We're not stranded! Hey, let's ask where we are." He didn't have to tell me twice, I jumped down the hill and ran up to the nearest person.

"Hello, where are we?" No answer, I grabbed him by the throat. "I asked where we are!" That got a bit of a response, everyone around was looking as me, with fear in their eyes. Someone finally spoke to me, quietly but he spoke to me.

"  G'day mate, mind letting my friend down?"I let him down and froze, Brad walked up to me.

"Rush, we're in Australia."


"On the complete other side of the world."


"Well, this is weird."

"Oooooooh yeah."

The End

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