Azure: a day in Life

I got up. Jeeez I'm tired was pretty much all I could think about. Burning down a small(ish) human city ain't so easy even for me. I heaved myself up off the ground and looked around. The ruins looked pretty dismal even in the morning sunlight. I sighed regretfully. I kinda went a bit overboard here didn't I? Time to clean up.

I reached out with my spirit searching for any survivors. I didn't find many. The first I found on the outskirts of the city lying in the grass breathing heavily. I could feel his spirit was strong and fighting for survival, yet I knew also his time was coming to an end. There's always a certain feeling about a soul whose mortal life is reaching its conclusion. A sort of sadness yet content, reluctance and relief. No matter how the spirit may fight the soul always knows when it's time to go. I knelt beside him, his glazed eyes snapping into focus on me, he recoiled in fear.
"Be still," I said. "Your time is ending, do not fear death and do not fear me.  Good luck with the afterlife." I touched his forehead with my fingers and felt his soul drift away. A cold twinge flexed through my hand and my fire engulfed his body. I stood up. Job done. On to the next. See, the thing about this job is it carries a lot more actual work than most Angels get. I've gotta manage all these passings and give them the proper ceremonies and make sure they don't go nuts and become crazy vengeful demons or whatever. It's real time consuming.
I found another one just on the edge of death. It was a woman this time, and she was in immense pain. Her spirit was at its last tether, she was ready to give up. Escape the pain and the suffering. I bent to touch her but withdrew as my fingers brushed her skin. This soul was very much alive. There was still something this woman had to do in her mortal life and I cannot release a soul that is not yet ready to go. Okay that's kiiinda not true considering how I sorta blew the city up. What I mean is I don't kill people who don't deserve it and I only release souls who are ready to pass on. So I walked on. She would have to suffer until she had done what she needed to do. And there was nothing I could do about it. One thing you learn managing death. Life sucks.

As I sifted through those near death, freeing and saving souls here and there I constantly wondered about my revenge. Sure I was kinda angry at the time and said some pretty rash things, but heck I can't take down God on my own. I'd make a decent effort of it but realistically it ain't happening like that. Which means I need help. And pretty powerful help at that. As I thought that I felt something, the release of a hugely powerful aura reverberating from across the world. "Well speak of the devil," I said aloud, noting that finding the Satan might be a good idea in itself. "That spirit. A demon?" I mused to myself quietly. If I could find a number of spirits of that power, regardless of species, I'd have something of a small army myself. It'd probably be tougher than that but hey who cares? I'll worry about that later. I finished purging the last soul and started walking towards the source of the immense spirit.

The End

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