Brad: What the...

The sword was completed, then an immense flow of power erupted from it and destroyed the surrounding scenery. I was amazed and scared of the power. Luckily, I was able to use the wind to protect me from the ensuing blast. I was OK, at least for now.

I wandered about, looking for Rush or Dart, either one would do. Fortunately, I found Rush lying on his back. I ran the wind over him testing for any breaks or fractures, luckily I found none. He was in great condition considering the blast, and his vicinity. I shook him, and he came to.

"Agh, my head."

"Just a headache, can you stand up."

He nodded and slowly got to his feet.

"Why aren't you asking if I'm OK or not?"

"Because I already know. Now, we have to find Dart."

He nods and we set off to find Dart.

The End

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