Seeker: Meh

I raise and eyebrow at Arrow's comment: "Are you reffering to me or the muffin?"

Arrow chuckles and I pull a face. Dammit I hate it when I walk into these things. Snorting, I strode out of the room, deciding to find Daisy or Iris. I wanted to find someone I could wind up.

As I hunted around the house, my mind wandered back to the guy in the other room. There was enourmous power eminating from him, power I wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of. However, I sensed that some of it was not his own, that it came from something else. Something big and deadly.

Something I hoped was going to stay in Hong Kong.

Sneezing slightly, I wandered out onto the balcony where I'd last seen Daisy the night before. As the wind ruffled my scruffy hair, I began to calm down slightly. The prickling in the back of my neck was gone, evidently it had been whatever our new friend had been using that was setting me on edge. Well, he certainly seemed much less of a threat without it, despite his evident strength.

Wonder what it was? I ask myself, chewing my lip thoughtfully as I sit on the balcony railings, staring out at the horizon. What sort of a weapon could wield that kind of power?

Ah well, what does it matter. It's gone now and hopefully it won't come back. And as for Bruises in there, I doubt he'll be causing us any trouble. Arrow would probably just throw him out the window if he tried anything funny.


The End

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