Dart: Final shard

I listened to the two stories both we're depressing. Since I asked the question i guess it was my turn.

" Since civillization went to the dogs I've been basically searching for shards and doing a few jobs hera and there to get them from people. So my life boring compared." I told them.  Then they both went to sleep I kept watch. I didn't need sleep.

In the moring I awoke the two. 

" Its not really an eventful day for you too. But for me alot is going to change." I said As i began to treck up the mountian.

They weren't far behind me. Why are they tagging along? Like finding shards for a blade is quite boring if you don't benefit at all. What will they want for the help they've gicen me?   When miday struck We arrived in the general proimity of the shard.  I sat down and began to home in on the radition of energy it gave off.

" What are you doing?" Rush asked

" Searching for the radition of energy the shard makes. It probaly something that everybody could pick up on even humans if they try hard enough." I muttered

I found it it was to my left underneath a huge arsed boulder.

" Found it." I announced 

I got up put my hand on the rock and muttered " Incarta." The boulder turned to energy then disapeared into the atmosphere. The Shard was pounded into the ground.  I grabbed it and took the unfinished blade out. I muttered the few incantations. An aura began to surround me glowing blue as i gathered more energy the bigger the aura became.  When I reached maximum potential the blue aura surrounded the mountian top. Both Rush and Brad where amazed of the amount of energy I possess.

" A full demon could incircle this mountain at his maximum potential this is only a quarter of a demons strength. I suppose if I trained hard enough my max potential could amount to half. "  I yelled over the currents of strength surrounding us. I shoved the shard onto the blade. At first it was bright light as the blade began to take all of my energy and compact it into 1 layer that violently swirled around the blade.

The bright light stopped and everthing was momentarily quite as if the world stood in awe of what was to happen. Then A voice emanated from the blade.

" This weapon shall be The weapons of the Legendary 4. This weapon is Justice!" It echoed over the valley.

With that the sword released the compacted energy Blowing the mountian to bits.  After the weapon released the energy I gave it My memory failed. The next thing I remember is being on bed Seeing Seeker, and a Girl.

" What the hell happend? Where's Rush, and Brad?"

The End

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