Azure: The Violet Death

The flickering dream stuttered into motion. It was dark. My arms and feet were bound in chains, the magic running through the metal searing my flesh, my mind screaming out in fury while I was dragged through the streets of the city. The faces that passed me, a myriad of different people yet all united by one thing. Fear. Fear that made their eyes twitch and their nostrils flare. Fear that made them want to run squealing like animals to their nests. Fear of me. Cries of hatred rang through the air. It's not human. Kill it. Monster. They snarled like rabid dogs, the noise they made shivering through the air like a swarm of locusts. Humans. More monster than I ever was. They put me on a platform and flayed me. My blood ran thick across the floor. I caught my own reflection in it, my eyes night blue, almost black, my hair glacier white and steel-edge straight, my mouth contorted in a spitting utterance of rage, all dyed red with my blood and my pain. They called forth the angel who was guardian of their city, who kept them from descending into chaos. He approached.
"You who are neither man nor beast nor angel divine," his voice unnaturally loud and full of austere contempt. "You who are filth, an aberration of nature, you have been brought here for justice!"
The humans whooped and bayed and howled and screamed in a primal frenzy. The angel leaned closed to me and stared into my eyes.
"Have you any last requests?"
I spat in his face.
"So be it," came his disgusted reply. He glared at me with revulsion and with much ceremony spat straight back at me.
Big mistake.
As he raised his shining sword I felt the spirit power in the flecks of spit on my face. I drew on it and channeled it, transforming that tiny portion of extra energy and magnifying my own spirit, I focussed all my strength into the chains that bound me and crushed their feeble human magic with my reborn power.
As the magical bonds broke I felt my soul rejuvenate itself. I felt all the pain in my body transcend the flesh and flare through my spirit and all my rage now unchained course through me. A spasm passed through my entire form. It only took a moment. A chilling, icy, biting fire blazed out of me, then everything around me was burning. Burning and burning and burning. I stood in the middle of a ruined city. Decimated in a single instant by my fury. The angel lay before me panting and convulsing, his wings turned to ash, my fire twisting over him.
"You. Death incarnate, vile spirit of flames. You will be brought to justice. He will destroy you. There is no escape from His power. God will..."
I slapped him with disdain. I picked him up.
"I am a spirit of death. A god in my own right. You are a pathetic slave to a higher power yet you do not even understand the power which you serve. I know all Gods can fall. My name is Azure. I am the cleansing fire. Violet death. Your God has just made an enemy of me. I will have my revenge. Just watch me."

I opened my eyes, the memories of yesterday still on my mind.

Revenge against God eh? Well I'd best get started.

The End

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