Rush: My story

"So since we have nothing better do I'm going to start conversation by asking. What have you done since civilization went to hell and never came back?"

Brad looked at me. "You wanna go first or should I?"

"Nah I'll go." I cleared my throat. "I've been with the pack, turns out me and my brother were werewolves, we just didn't know it until, well, Armageddon. We didn't have any parents, and every other species hated us, so we really had no where else to go. Immediately as we walked in, my brother was made leader, and the guy who was leader at the time was mutilated. Jet was a good leader, managed to take down 10 druids in nine minutes, and he was the only werewolf a vampire was ever afraid of. That was, of course, until he was killed. He was out on his own that night, when he stumbled upon the vampire leader. I don't know what happened after that, but it's obvious they fought. The next morning, I found they're bodies on a hill.

" No doubt it was by a vampire. But still, I find it a bit strange that they would also kill they're own leader. That's why when my boys alerted me about a vampire on his own, I knew it was him." I deroot a tree and throw it off the mountain. "I will not rest until Jet's killer is impaled on a flaming cross. Anyway, that's what happened with me. What chu been up too Brad?"

The End

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