Daisy: Bloody Rat.

When Arrow broke away, I was still in shock. Well, well, well. The Voice says, That was interesting. I'm guessing here, that vampy there likes you...  At this I blush.

Daisy... Daisy... Daaiisssyyy... DAISY!


Hello, have you missed me?

 "NO!" I yell manically, Arrow looks shocked to say the least.

"What?" He asks, eyes wide.

"Not you, the tumor in my head." I say, going into pout mode.

"A tumor?!"

"Yes... wait! No, not a real tumor, a voice in my head with always gives me headaches... God, that really does sound mad doesn't it?" He nods slowly. "Damn."

Little Daisy, you're mad mad mad!

Yeah, well, so's your face!

My face is your face you boob.

Well then, if I'm a boob, you're a boob.

Smart arse.

Manical laughters burst through the other room making me jump, three foot in the air, Arrow holds me down. "Ta."

Seeker walks through, teary eyed. "You guys are hallerious!"

"Shut up," I hiss.

He laughs, I narrow my eyes and Arrow sighs. Stupid rat, I think. The Voice laughs, also as manically as Seeker did. I sigh.

The End

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