Seeker: On A Mission

When Arrow kissed Daisy against the balcony railings, I rejoiced inwardly. I was literally holding my jaws shut to keep from bursting into fits of malicious cackles. This was brilliant! Now I'd have some proper fodder to drive them both completely batty later. Oh this was going to be good.

Now, time to spoil the moment.

Slipping out from under the sofa I turn back into my usual form and saunter across to the stairs, taking a seat near the middle and watching the exchange, waiting for them to turn and see me. Which I know they will, eventually.

I snicker under my breath, this is just too good to be true. Arrow thinks he can just ignore me, well he's wrong. I've driven even the strongest men to going somewhere close to crazy. Arrow may be difficult but no-one can ignore me for long.

Daisy is pretty much my ticket to success. If he doesn't eat her first.

The End

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