Arrow: Opps

"Thank you" I turn to look at Daisy. Iris had gone to sleep in my room and I bet Seeker was listening in soemwhere.

"It's nothing big" I say turning to walk out on to the balcony.

"Still Thank you" she says joining me. I look across at her and she smiles slightly.

"You shouldn't trust me so much" I mutter standing up to face her.

"Well, you've saved me twice now so why shouldn't I trust you?" she asks shrugging.

"I've done things I'm not proud of, just with my mind I could make you throw your body off this balcony" I whisper stepping closer. She doesn't move back but her heart rate increases.

"But you wouldn't" she whispers.

"What if I did?" I ask she steps back and her back hits the railing. I step close so there only an inch between our bodies.

"You wouldn't" she whispers. I reach up and take her chin between my fingers then kiss her...........

The End

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