Brad: Death to the werewolves.

Then, I was told that killing the werewolves was allowed. Instantly, I rushed forward with my blade, impaling one. And with that same werewolf still on the blade I slammed him into another one. Bloodlust filled my mind as I slashed, hacked and slaughtered the werewolves, by the time I was done there was not left but bits and pieces of fur and flesh, I was also covered in blood.

My two companions looked horrified and frightened, fearing that the scent of the spilled blood would attract more enemies but luckly I was able to manipulate the wind so that the blood blew off me effortlessly. And I stood there, entirely unscathed and without a drop of blood. And Rush smiled.

"Now that's impressive."

I wiped the blade on one of the werewolves shirts and I sheathed my sword once more. Smiling in victory.

The End

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