Seeker: Taking Cover

Arrow took all three of us back to his haunt. Upon arrival, I immediately started looking for somwhere to hide. Werewolves may be thick but they're vicious and are more than capable of tearing smaller creatures (ie. Me) into tiny little pieces in moments.

So, when the going gets tough, Seeker gets going.

In the end I settled for turning into a large rat and diving under a chair, a pair of luminous green eyes peering out of the dark. One major disadvantage of being me. My eyes glow in the dark.

Daisy, the Half-thing and Arrow were talking above me. Being under the chair muffled their voices, but I could still hear most of their words. Arrow seemed less distant to Daisy this time, as if he recognised something about her. I put this little snippet of information in the back of my mind for later and went back to listening.

Just because I was a coward didn't mean I was going to get shut out of the plans.

The End

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