Arrow: I just want to be left alone

I walked silently along the darkened streets. I heard movement to the left but ignored it...... well, that was until, Daisy, Seeker and the mixed breeds whose name I hadn't gotten or forgot came running towards me.

I raised an eyebrow. "Problems?" I ask Seeker.

"Big problems, werewolf problems" Before he gets it out of his mouth, I'm off back down the road.

"Hey" Daisy shouts. "Why won't you help?"

"I just want to be left alone and those werewolves are trying to kill a certain powerful vampire and I'm on their might be him list" I tell her.

"Please" she says grabing my wrist. I freeze remembering.

"Please, Arrow" I turn and look at Daisy. She just muttered the same words she did before...... I admitted I loved her. But it will be different this time.

"Okay, follow me" And they do I lead them to my flat.

The End

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