Dart: Why Is he drawing his blade ?

We could all feel the presents of the Banished packed but i didn;t see it nessascary to draw a blade.

" I don't think it nessescary quite yet to draw sword. Brad." I said calmly the Bannished pack where staying back they don't want to mess with Me Or Rush atleast not yet. But i was wrong. One wolf preamturely jumped.  It didn't take much for him to see his strength was like dirt on ones shoe compared to mine.  A quick burst of energy cleaves the foolish werewolf in half.

" Do I need to demonstrate more strength or will you simply allow us to pass?" I questioned the other werewolves.

On there faces was both intruig and fear.

Rush snarled and said " Werewolves never backdown.Even if it means certian death especially these ones"

So Brad had a very valid reason after all.

The End

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