Dart: Okay.

It looked like something was up obviously there more than my assasination going on with these wolves.  It looked like Rush was on the shard thing too. Wierd.

" So that shard is located on the mountians side of that jagged mountian." I said

" Hmmm There some movements of the banished pack up there latly. " Rush said

" Bannished pack? I asked

" A werewolf pack of those that the more civilized tribe throw out." Brad explained.

" So basically insane werewolves." I said. Funny I thought the tribes killed the lunatics, " I thought you killed the lunatics of your pack?" I said.

" Well we decided that that would be lowering ourselve to there level." Rush replied.

" I see." 

A few hours later we caught first signs of the Bannished pack. Pawprints of red where marked on the trees.  To be more like some cheesy movie bones where left all over the place.

" They definatly don't like cleaning there rooms." I exclaimed

" They're close by." Rush said with his nose dilating and expanding.

" Are you scared Rush." Brad asked

" No! Just something that I should have done a while ago is probaly going to catch up to me." He said.

" Old friend?" I said

" Something on those lines." He said.


The End

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