Rush: That sword...

Me, Dart and the other guy ( I had no clue what he was) were walking for a bit. I was unable to find who I was looking for so I was bored.

"So why are you looking for a shard of a blade? Can't you just use what you have now?"

"Nah, doesn't work too well like this." I was admittedly curious as to what this sword could do, but before I could ask any other questions, a couple of my boys came running towards me.

"Boss! We found a vampire!"

"Sweet, you capture them?"

"Well... see.... WE TRIED! They were scary boss, their voice was scary."

"Well that..... did you see voice? Don't you mean spooky eyes or something like that?"

"No... they had sunglasses on."

"...... So basically, there's a vampire out there, who can send anyone off with his eyes or voice, and the only ones who would stand a chance would have to be deaf and blind." I then screamed and let out a string of curse words.  And that's when I noticed Lucian was right behind me.

"Tsk tsk Rush, don't scream, you'll get worked up."

" I don't know what else to do! Have you ever tried to kill someone who was impossible?!?"

"It's not impossible kid, you just need a better strategy." I sighed, I knew he was right. But right now, I had nothing... but Dart did. That sword might be exactly what I need to take down the possible killer of my brother. Of course, I couldn't let anyone know I was thinking that.

"Right, well we'll get to that later. Say Dart, how many more pieces do you need to finish that thing?"

"Well thanks to Brad here, only one." So that's his name, sweet.

"All right, that doesn't seem too hard, boys, go back hunting. Lucian, I'm gonna help my new buddy get this thing." I smiled. This might be fun.

The End

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