Iris: Petal...?

I begn fighting with the wolf, snarling, trying not to bite. I kicked him in the stomach, and he bit into my side. I roared, and fell down, submissively. His paw was on my head, blood forming in bullet. The wol suddenly dissapeared.

A human hannd touched my fur. I flinnched, and opened one eye. A human woman was above me. Some moron behind her was telling her to stay away from me. I opened both eyes, and raised my head slightly. The grl jumped back.

" head..." I growled and groaned. I shook myself a little, and growled at the pain, nipping playfully at me. I tried to stad, only to fall again, my left front paw hurting.

I changed into my human form, sat up, and continued to mumble an groan over my arm.

"You need any help?" asked the girl, touching my shoulder lightly.

"No, I think I'm fine, petal."



"How do you know my name?"

"I...I'm not sure...."

The End

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