Daisy: The note.

I open my eyes and look around. When the heck did I fall asleep?! I think as I get up and wipe myself down. The water elves have long gone, one seems to have left a little note on the side.

I kneel down, pick it up and undo it.

Dear Missy Princess.

"Princess?" I ask aloud, my voice ludicrous. I shake my head and go back to the note.

Hello, sorry we made you sleep,

but no one out of our clan - minus you - has ever seen us.

We don't know if you know this already, but you are different,

and here is our warning:

BEWARE, things are not always as they seem.

People will be out to get you!

Our shamon has told us of those who will rid the world of all those who try to kill us.

And then there are those that will try to combat them,

our saviours.

Be safe, don't let them turn you.

Yours, E.

I fold the letter up and shove it in my back pocket, and glance around for anyone. No one is around.

Then, in the distance I hear something. I yowl of pain.

My head shoots up. I start to run toward the sound, all of my self presavation out of the window (so to speak).  


The End

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