Arrow: Dream

I walk slowly along the path. People are staring and I know why. My eyes with the evening are starting to turn slightly golden.

I sigh. What's the point in hiding it? Oh yeah my life!

The year is 1884. The village is a peaceful one trying to sustain it's self on farming, even though the steel industry is the buzz at the moment. I look up..... and I see her.

She looks like an angel, a hidden light, something that can touch my dead soul. Renai.

I wake gasping for breath. That's the third time now I've dreamt about that day. The day I met her. The day I fell in love for the first time.

Vampires rarely fall in love cause our souls are dead and only something special can touch our souls. Renai was special.

Her blood was tinted with aura among something else that I never found out...... just like this new girl...... Daisy

The End

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