Dart: Back to the wolves

I took the unfinished blade out and easily atatched the shard to the blade my magic turned to the form of fire welding the shard to the blade at the heat of lava. I allowed it to cool before putting it away one more shard And then I will have to do is then put a large amount of energy into the blade and mutter a few incantations. then My largest curiousty and the greater part of my many question will be answered , and I'll gain a powerful blade. Or I'll die. 

" Will I guess there is no use looking for the being who released the great amount of magic. I'm going back to the camp of werewolves and play nice till I see a good bargaining oppertunity. Hopefully no need to fight though. Because honestly That will attract to much attention showing my power off." I said to Brad.

" So you only need one more shard." He pointed out


" What will happen after wards?" He questioned further

" You'll see."  i said

After my me saying that rush showed up. 

" Ah I was just going to head back your little war camp. Found what your looking for?" I asked

" No the Vampire left hours ago.: He explained

" Ah vampire why would you being looking for a vampire? I know you two races aren't fond of each other."  I said knowing quite well why he was looking for a vampire.

" My predecsorr was assasinated by one." He said

" Thats must suck.  Are you headin back to camp new leader of your werewolfe clan?"  I asked.


The End

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