Dart: Thanks. You killed a village? The explaination of the shards.

The Slyph took me by surprise but then agian my skills of observation when i'm preoccupied generally sucked.

" Looks like you looking for something. Is it this?" He said showing me a shard. I was shocked.

" I had to destroy a whole village for this. You should be thankful."  He continued on , " Oh and I'm going  follow you around if you don't mind." 

Well I couldn't really say no since he helped me out. 

" The village you mentioned earlier. How many humans or any other species did you kill?" I asked

He kept to himself. I could only hope not many people died on my behalf. 

" So did you feel that release of magic earlier?" I asked

" Yeah." 

" Sorry I forgot to introduce myself Names Dart. Yeah I can't pinpoint the species. The  energy released is to great to be a vampire or werewolf , Maybe a hybrid such as myself."

"Yeah mines Brad. And I wouldn't know." He said.

" Well It's inticed my curiosity, and had stopped me from ripping a werewolfs throat to pieces." I continued on.

" And why would you do that?" He asked

" Because the fool beleives these shards are important  to the werewolves. He is wrong. These Shards were created from the forming  of the few legendary beings one of them being myself. The others probaly my sisters or brothers I have not met yet." I explained.

The End

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