Arrow: Pacing

Seeker's pacing was more annoying than him talking. In fact it was something that was very inrritating, watching a person march left then right continually in front of you.

I sigh and begin to head towards my flat. "Hey" Seeker shouts. "Where you going?"

"Home, using so much power has made me tired" I mutter hands in pockets.

"Ah, poor power vamp all vamped out" Seeker says slyly.

"I don't thinks that your best line" I say looking across and down at him.

"Hmm, you're right. I need to work on that one" he says and his eyes cloud over slightly. I feel like laughing but don't cause I know it just cause I'm tired.

Seeker's thoughts consist of planing only. New main goal, annoy me.

We reach my apartment. I unlock the door and Seeker closes it after himself.

"You can stay and sleep on the sofa" I say gesturing to a door leading to the living room. "I'm going to bed"

I go to the last of the two door to the left and go into my room. It consists of a bed, desk with laptop and computer, wardrobe and a bookshelf. I change into a pair of tracksuit bottems then slip under the covers.

I lay on my back staring at the ceiling and gently falling to sleep.

The End

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