Iris: On Second Thoughts....

Iris jumped down, into the clearing. Something wan't right. It was spookily quiet, apart from a small padding. She turned swiftly, seeing six or seven wolves circing me, growling, snarling, and huskily laughing.

"What do we have here?" asked a large black wolf.

"A....hmm...strange." growled another.

Iris transformed into her white tiger, growling a little. One of the wolves changed back, and whistled, before changing back. Iris sat down, while one wolf, that large black one, came closer, sniffing Iris. It rubbed its neck aginst hers, then pushed er back, pinning her on her back.

Iris changed back into her human form, and kicked the wolf, sending it flying off her. She began to sprint through the forest, ad found the group. She saw one o the wolves behind her, and she changed into her tiger form again, and ran, tripping over one who was laid on the floor.

"On second thoughts, I'll stick with you, if that's ok..." Iris heaved.

The End

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