Arrow: Lay back and..... fight?

I lay back against the tree my eyes closed behind my black glasses. The sunlight is warm.

"May I ask you this? If you're so powerful and mighty why do you let people throw you around?" Seeker asks. I hear a scream from a human then he laughs under his breath.

"No point fighting, it just causes mor-" I hear a twig snap and open my eyes then turn to see two werewolves approaching.

"Hmm, not same clan but no leader" Seeker observes.

"I've had enough for one day" I hiss through my teeth. I keep my glasses on this time even though the are likely to get singed. "Tell your leader and your brothers... or sisters to leave-me-ALONE!"

The werewolves look startled then run away their feet pouding against the forest floor.

"Think you are gonna have an enemy now mate, I may be annoying and powerful but....... werewolves are unpredictable" Seeker says shaking his head.

"I just want to be normal" I whisper look up at the sky.

"Have you burnt the edge of you're glasses?" Seeker says raising an eyebrow.

"Hypnosis is only the begining of my power" I whisper.

The End

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